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Re: [TYPO3-english] Scheduler is not allowed to execute script


Do you have access to the server with ssh? Than have a look at the rights set 
for the www user. You might change the rights for this file only so it can be 
executed. Where do you have the Typo3 files in /var/www or in /home/www ? 
If you have only ftp access than it might be possible you have acces to them 
through the providers admin-panel? You can have a look there to change the 
rights for the file. You can also have a look in the install tool and check the 
system environment for more info on the files.


Wiechert Hooghwinkel

> Op 2 jan. 2017, om 14:57 heeft Jeppe Donslund <[email protected]> het 
> volgende geschreven:
> Hi
> I try to use the scheduler to import external data.
> But when I use the Check Setup, the last box is read and the error  message 
> is:
> The script to execute the Scheduler from the command line is: 
> "/var/www/www.MyDomain.dk/www/typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh scheduler".
> The webserver user is not allowed to execute this script.
> My host tells me, that I should try to make an PHP file with this:
> exec("_cli_scheduler /usr/local/bin/php 
> /home/www.MyDomain.dk/www/typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh scheduler -i 2");
> But that is a different path. Should I change something in TYPO3?
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