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Re: [TYPO3-english] 4.5-> 6.2 Upgrade issue


t3lib has been completely removed in 6.2. 
Installed extensions must be compatible with version 6.2. Otherwise you won’t 
get rid of the fatal errors.

This extension is outdated and was not adjusted to the new core.

So you need to uninstall or upgrade the extension yourself (set namespaces, 
remove includes to t3lib, replace existing method calls to non-existing 
methods, etc).
There is an extension which could help you doing that —> smoothmigration —> 
But you might be needing some coding experience, as this extension will just 
help you find the most common changes (depends on rss_aggregator and the 
methods it used).

My recommendation: look, if there is a newer extension which fits to your 
needs. Outdated extensions can be a security risk.

> Hi 
> I recently upgradedd from 4.5.15 to 6.2.27 but keep getting fatal error in 
> the front end site.
> Fatal error: Class 'tx_lib_viewBase' not found in 
> /var/www/uol2cms/docroot/typo3conf/ext/rss_aggregator/views/class.tx_rssaggregator_views_ts.php
>  on line 37
> If I add explicitly add require once tx_lib_viewBase in the complaining page 
> it says  Class tx_lib_object not found and so on

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