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Re: [TYPO3-english] wec_map 3.1.3, API

Am 23.10.2016 um 19:17 schrieb Axel Joensson:
I have for some time been using the wec_map 3.1.1 ext. on a website now
running under T3 ver. 6.2.27. Checking for ext updates I came across
wec_map 3.1.3 and I am quite lucky to have tested the update on a cloned
install first: version 3.1.3 denies service, requiring a "Google Maps
API key".

First question: Which API key would you like me to register? I found
among others the Google Maps Android API, Google Maps JavaScript API,
Google Static Maps API, Google Maps Embed API, Google Maps Directions
API, Google Maps Distance Matrix API, Google Maps Elevation API, Google
Maps Geocoding API, Google Maps Geolocation API, Google Maps Roads API
and Google Maps Time Zone API. Not to mention the dozens of others APIs
with similar names ...
You'll need a JavaScript (aka Browser) API key and a Server API key.

The wec_map manual (marked outdated for missing recent documentation
standards; b.t.w., why are no longer text documents of the manuals
available? Am I expected to only read manuals online?) shows a
screenshot of the "API key Settings" section in the WEC Map Admin
module, however, my ext in two fields only asks for "Google Maps Browser
API key" (which is not available among the APIs listed in the developer
console), while the manual screenshot ("Step 2: Configuration of
API-keys") shows *one* field for the "Google Maps Browser API key" and
*another* requiring a "Google Maps Server API key" (which of course
isn't available at the console, too).
Have a look at the latest manual beeing installed with the extension. You'll need an OO to display the sxw-file.
I haven't had the time to convert the manual to the REST-format. If
someone wants to contribute to the documenation please get in contact
with me.
I generated a "Google Maps Embed API" at the developers console, the
domain is included in my developers account for many years by placing an
ownership file generated by Google in the website root. I restricted the
key for use only for that domain (by *.example.com/). Entering the key I
obtained into the fields of wec_map didn't change a lot: While after
update first a hint was printed on the frontend that I'd need an API
key, entering it in the backend results in a white space in the
frontend, where the map should show up, while everything necessary is
present in the source code, but nothing displayed.
As stated above: You'll need 2 different keys. In this case, the JavaScript API key is missing, I suppose. Please check the browser console for errors.
So far my "solution" is not to update to wec_map 3.1.3 on the productive
We are running wec_map successful on several sites. Other users have configured the latest version successfully, too, as I know from some email-contacts.

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