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[TYPO3-english] Re: automaketemplate - Content Object "" does not exist


The issue was that the template could not be found.

First the rlmp_tmplselector is not available anymore in the repostiory and need to be downloaded from J. Weiland's git (thanks to Jochen). https://github.com/jweiland-net/rlmp_tmplselector
Then the typoscript need to adapted accordingly.

The important thing is, that the old statement was

plugin.tx_rlmptmplselector_pi1 {

while the new one is without the plugin

tt_content.list.20.rlmptmplselector_templateselector.settings {

So after about one week of searching and debuging I found that the template directory in the system was wrongly pointing to

So by changing the entries in the objectbrowser I could get the site working.

Hope this does help someone.

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