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[TYPO3-english] Cooluri RSS link and 404 handling

Hi all,

if anyone has working solution for RSS link and ext:news. Currently I have this configuration for RSS news feed and it works:

So in cooluri I have:

<value key="feed">9818</value>

www.domain.com/feed not working (empty Cached URI), there is "Oops, an error occurred!", (and I can get feed or feed/ with cooluri, but neither works). When I visit www.domain.com/?type=9818 or www.domain.com/?id=1&type=9818, then Cached URI "feed" is generated with Parameters id=1&type=9818 and now www.domain.com/feed works until Cached URI is deleted. Why "feed" does not work at first page visit?
And tried to add:
  [globalVar = TSFE:type = 9818]
  prefixLocalAnchors = all
  tx_cooluri_enable = 1

but nothing happens.

And maybe related, there is problem with 404 page, in cooluri:

<behavior type="userfunc">tx_cooluri->pageNotFound</behavior>

in install tool:

pageNotFound_handling = 404/  (also tried /404/)

there is same error as above.

Typo3 6.2.9, CoolURI 1.0.38, Nginx.

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