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Re: [TYPO3-english] Adding a different design page to existing template

Am 01.04.2014 12:37, schrieb Andrea Cartia:
I can see that a simple external HTML page might be the easiest solution. My company uses direct mail on typo to manage their newsletter. But then, how can I link the sign-up form to the newsletter database in Typo3? So when someone register in the form, their email is added to the database with all the other emails?
Ah, I thought you needed just a plain HTML page.

In that case I'd advise you not to strip the page.

You can of course define a different (simpler) template for the newsletter login page. The problem is: there are different ways in TYPO3 to build a page and we don't know yet how it is done on your site.
Dig into the TypoScript Setup and look for the PAGE object. The page is
normally created in PAGE.10 so you will find some code there that might
give a clue.
Good luck!

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