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[TYPO3-english] 6.2 tt_content TCA showitem problem

Hello there,

I have a weird problem that seems to be rather new.
In an extensions ext_tables.php, using for example:
$TCA['tt_content']['types']['menu']['showitem'] = '';

You can change what fields, palettes and tabs are shown in the backend
when editing a content element with a certain CType. However if I do add
such a change in an extension, the 'Extended' tab and all the possible
fields in it never get added/rendered in backend.

Consider following example:
$TCA['tt_content']['types']['menu']['showitem'] = '

Note this is the exact same showitem that is used in the cores
EXT:frontend/Configuration/TCA/tt_content.php, I just striped the
tab-characters so it fits into the mail. Anyway, as you can see the
extended tab is used at the end, however it never gets shown in backend.

This happens for any of the CTypes and also if in an extension which
adds a plugin with its own CType. Other than that everything else like
adding new or removing fields, palettes or tabs seems to work just fine.

This also must be a newer problem, because in 6.2.0beta5 it still seems
to work. I would test later betas and RCs, but I couldn't get a clean
beta6 running for some reason and am fed up with it for now..

So yeah, am I doing something wrong or is it some bug?

Kind regards
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