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Re: [TYPO3-english] Adding a different design page to existing template

Hi Andrea,

Am 01.04.2014 10:06, schrieb Andrea Cartia:
Hi everybody.
Sorry if my post sounds silly but I'm completely new to Typo3 and I have tried to find the information somewhere else but without any result.
The company where I'm having my internship has an old site with Typo3
installed. They want a newsletter tab on their Facebook page and I
thought that I could create a new page in their website with a
newsletter sign-in form as as a static fb tab in their Facebook page.
The problem is that when I create a new page in the website, it
carries all the layout elements such as header, sidebar, footer etc...
I simply need a white page of 800px width and the sign-in form in the
I wouldn't do that. People get annoyed when you take them to new browser
windows with defined sizes. I'd take them to a simple content page with
the login as a content element (type HTML).
How can I change the design of the page so it doesn't have all the layout in it?
You could (if you absolutely have to) define the PAGE element for that
page differently. Either with conditions or with an additional TS
Template for that page.
Should look something like this:
PAGE.10.value = <html><body> ...

That's not the most elegant way to do it, but it would do the job.

Hope it helps!

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