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[TYPO3-english] Adding a different design page to existing template

Hi everybody.
Sorry if my post sounds silly but I'm completely new to Typo3 and I have tried 
to find the information somewhere else but without any result.

The company where I'm having my internship has an old site with Typo3 
installed. They want a newsletter tab on their Facebook page and I thought that 
I could create a new page in their website with a newsletter sign-in form as as 
a static fb tab in their Facebook page.

The problem is that when I create a new page in the website, it carries all the layout elements such as header, sidebar, footer etc... I simply need a white page of 800px width and the sign-in form in the center.
How can I change the design of the page so it doesn't have all the layout in it?

Hope I was clear enough. Thank you for your help!

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