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Re: [TYPO3-english] Extension OpenID problem

Thank you,

'dbal' was the problem.
Should I still report this ?


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> #1310027793: ERROR: Query could not be parsed: "SQL engine parse 
> ERROR: No ) parenthesis in list: near "(255),tstamp,salt), KEY crdate 
> (crdate) ) ENGINE=I"". Query: "CREATE TABLE tx_openid_nonce_store ( 
> uid int(11) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, pid int(11) unsigned NOT 
> NULL default '0', crdate int(11) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', tstamp 
> int(11) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', server_url varchar(2047) NOT 
> NULL default '', salt
> char(40) NOT NULL default '', PRIMARY KEY (uid), UNIQUE nonce 
> (server_url(255),tstamp,salt), KEY crdate (crdate) ) ENGINE=InnoDB;" 
> (More information <http://typo3.org/go/exception/v4/debug/1310027793> 
> )
> InvalidArgumentException thrown in file
> F:\Interserve\TYPO3
> Development\4.6.4\TYPO3_4.6.4\htdocs\Dummy\typo3\sysext\dbal\class.ux_
> t3lib_
> db.php in line 2967.

Sounds like a DBAL-related problem. Questions:

1) Can you check if you activated system extension dbal
2) Do you need it (Oracle/PostgreSQL/MSSQL) or did you activated it without
needing it?

A bug report in order for us to fix that is welcome, of course.


Xavier Perseguers
Release Manager TYPO3 4.6

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