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Re: [TYPO3-english] TYPO3 Core API

Hi Dmitry,

Philipp Gampe wrote:
Choice. TCA reference has been extracted and published as an own manual.
Credits go to Francois Suter who did all this work:
I am curious why this was done? Nothing against it but it would be
interesting to know reasons for the change.
The first reason was the sheer size of Core APIs: with the updates for
4.3 it had gone over 200 pages, which was unwieldy both for users (I
think) and maintainers (I know ;-) ). As the reference to the TCA could
stand on its own and it represented about half of Core APIs, I figured
it could very well be a manual of its own.
It also made sense in that this part is a real reference, much like the
TSref, whereas Core APIs is a kind of melting pot about TYPO3 APIs,
programming advice and other "sub-systems" (like how to use the system
registry, etc.). And the TCA reference "gained" one level of table of
contents (by not being just a chapter), which makes for a more
accessible TOC.
Last but not least, the TCA reference is a relatively straightforward
manual to maintain: add new features for a new TYPO3 release, adapt
description for changed features. On the contrary, Core APIs is tougher
to maintain, because it very often requires more details (for example,
the new caching framework is (or will be) a whole chapter). So the the
hope is that we (the Documentation Team) can react faster with this
reference and not have it blocked by the rest of the Core APIs. which
was definitely the case since the last update (for 4.3).


Francois Suter
Cobweb Development Sarl - http://www.cobweb.ch
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