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[TYPO3-english] TCA foreign table join

Hi list

In TCA I want to get value from table tx_ext_domain_model_type which the field status of table tx_ext_domain_model_place is 1.
Now what I have done:
'config' => array(
        'type' => 'select',
        'foreign_table' => 'tx_ext_domain_model_type',
'foreign_table_where' => 'AND tx_ext_domain_model_type.hidden=0 AND tx_ext_domain_model_type.deleted=0',
But I want more like SQL:
'SELECT tx_ext_domain_model_type.name
FROM tx_ext_domain_model_type
JOIN tx_ext_domain_model_place
ON tx_ext_domain_model_place.uid = tx_ext_domain_model_type.place
WHERE tx_ext_domain_model_place.status = 1
AND tx_ext_domain_model_type.hidden=0 AND tx_ext_domain_model_type.deleted=0'
Is this possible to join table in TCA?

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