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Re: [TYPO3-english] formhandler - jump to step via gp / call finisher without submitting?

Hi Reinhard,

i almost lost track of the issue. I had a look at your PreProcessor and put some comments to the forge issue.
The function to determine the current step changed some time ago (with
0.9.8 i think), and if the submitted step does not match the step in the
session (there will be no session for that form, so it will be 0) you
jump to step 1 -> finisher will not be called

We have one other issue that comes with the changed step handling:
Previously, we used some flash pages as a frontend for a form. The values were then just submitted to a page with the formhandler plugin to generate the mails and db entries. This allowed to easily implement and test the whole "backend" part without having the actual frontend ready. With the "new" step determination, the form now always starts with the first step -> no mails, no db entries
If there is only one flash content embedded to the html page, probably,
the submitting part could be moved to JS, so the useragent matches and
thus a session could be initialized first (hidden form), but on "bigger
flash-only websites", there may be multiple forms which can not be
initialized first. Any ideas on that?
Regards and thanks for all the excellent work on formhandler,
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