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[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 ExtJS Skin

Hello UI Team,

thanks for all the Improvements of TCEForms.

Currently I'm testing the new ExtJS Skins in TYPO3 4.5.
Here are some point, that I would like to change or to revert back to
4.4. (it's more visually than technically)

 - Grid
   - Grid Header in Black is ugly. Imagine 2 Grids in a verticalbox.
   - .x-panel-tbar padding looks not realy nice.
   - Selected row has no highlighting anymore
     (why there is one in extmgm?)

 - Panel Header
   - Seem to not have the same skin ;)

 - Icon Buttons - nice
 - Text Buttons - Frame is ok, but visually heavy if there are a lot

Perhaps i find some other visual issues soon - i will try to report them

I will soon / now publish ks_sitemgr in a new version so that you can
take a look in 4.5.

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