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Re: [TYPO3-english] ecommerce buy button

Hi Nicola.

At first: I have no sollution at hand that could be used instantly.

But in about a half year or so i could be faced with the same
requirement, so i think it would be nice to be a little involved in
this discussion.

My specific requirement will be having very less pages (speaking
about 20 to 30) with one product per page. This pages already
exist and carry products but without the demand of leading to
a checkout configuration to buy those products. At the moment
they just exist to explain: In general we are service provider (it
is a local dog obedience school), but if you come to our lesson
and want to do something with any kind of special equipment, you
don't need to think about where to get prepared.

So my idea of such a "buy it" button is: Adding a simple content
element to any desired position on the web page. The frontend
output of this content element doesn't do any layout of a product
detail page. It not even has a product title or a price but only a
simple "buy it" button that redirects to that shopping cart.

That wourd require you to go through each and every page and
add such a button to it.

What kind of user interface do you think of being the right thing
to add such a product to a page? I think about a special content
element to be added by privileged backend users even if they
aren't allowed to add plugin content elements ("Add as a totally
new Content Element type" in the extension kickstarter).

In the backend window of this content element i would provide
exactly two attributes to be entered by the backend user:
* Product title (to be shown in shopping cart and during the
checkout process)
* Product price

Every other product information diesplayed at the products
detail page has to be added by default text and text /w image
content elements.

What do you think of my quite simple concept of a "just buy it"


Stephan Schuler

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Betreff: [TYPO3-english] ecommerce buy button

I have a Typo3 web site with about 1000 pages, one article per page.
Now we'd like to add ecommerce feature to give the possibility to the
user to buy the article that is showing.
I've seen different ecommerce extension but all needs to create new
'special' pages with the plugin inside. In our case we'd need to
create all the the 1000 pages again.
What I'm lookin for is something that simple permit to add a "add to
cart" button on each page we have and, of course, to have all the
functionality of the ecommerce (show cart, payment, ecc.)

Is there some extension that implement this or some hack of them?

Many thanks for your help,
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