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Re: [TYPO3-english] Newsletter Solutions

On 23/12/2010 8.19, Andreas Becker wrote:
>  Hi All
>  we are currently evaluating different Newsletter Solutions which can be used
>  with TYPO3. We would like to ask you about your experiences with:
>      1. direct_mail (the pdf mail attachment seems to have problems) - only
>      3.95 rating
>      -- Very complicated tool for end users
>      -- not very usefull to send normal newsletters
>      -- i was not able to configure it as i wanted (html and plaintext mails).
>      sorry, your idea ist great but not useable at the moment. to complicated.
>      -- Only the configuration is really hard. Nothing for newbs.
>      -- The ext is really awesome, but neither the documentation, nor the
>      usuabillity. :-/
>      2. tc_directmail (it looks like this is totally outdated and not
>      maintained anymore - is the right?) - high rating with 4.46
>      -- Simply works! And eays to extend with new mail targets. Thanks
>      -- Easy to use, but the docs could still be more detailed.
>      -- Fantastic! Daniel has done great work refining this extension has been
>      very responsive to feature/bug requests. I'll never go back to 
>      -- This just works! Out of the box - THANKS!
>      -- Still, im missing some features, but overall it's fullfilling my needs
>      90%
>      >>>  Any Experiences with using this Extension in Typo3 4.4 and 4.5?
>      3. t3m (sounds like a real good extension with lots of features and easy
>      handling but same problem like with tc_directmail - outdated/not
>      maintained?)
>      4. dkd_news2directmail (builds on direct_mail but it is said: Only
>      compatible with direct_mail 2.5.x - is it working with the newest 
version of
>      direct_mail)
>      5. te_openemm_newsletter (needs sendmail and is not working with postfix
>      - What experiences do you have with this combination which would make it
>      worth to switch back to sendmail?)
>      6. eyepin (seems to produce high additional costs!)
>      7. netmailing (campaign monitor - any experiences with it - costs?)
>      8. inxmail_content (seems to produce high additional costs! - how much?)
>      9. tgm_newsletter (still in alpha - can it replace direct_mail?)
>      10. n98_mailenstein_registration (seems to be focused on German Market
>      only and produces additional costs - is it like this?)
>  What solution would you suggest if the newsletter system needs to be used by
>  endusers which are no computer/internet or webprogrammers but simple users
>  who want to send out Newsletters from TYPO3 using tt_news and mainly
>  tt_content, sometimes also realty or seminar records and articles.
>  Thanks
>  Andi
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Hi Andreas.

In my company we are using Direct-Mail together with  SR_Feuser-Register since 
a few
years and had really few issues with it.
We have been able to configure it properly so that the end user can
handle it without any knowledge of HTML or php programming.

The tools for monitoring mailing campaigns work well. There are also
tool for managing e-mail address that are no more reachable or return
any kind of error.

I have prepared some slides that show how we currently use it (sorry, only 
Italian version!):

Hope this helps.


Rino Razzi

Archimede Informatica Societa' Cooperativa
Via Livia Gereschi 36 - 56127, Pisa - Italy
tel.: +39-050-580959
fax: +39-050-9711344
e-mail: [email protected]
web: www.archicoop.it

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