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Re: [TYPO3-english] Click pop-up extension?

  you can always do your own extension :)

But if you don`t want to. You can make a little workaround. For example create an HTML content element. Create whole structure there even with js script (but js script should be added via typoscript)
Second solution is adding normal text element. You can go into source
view and add needed id`a and class`es.
If you`re using templavoila Ron`s solution is the best. You just create
a html file with whole structure you need and than you can add it where
ever you want.
As you see you have some solutions to make your thing working :)

Best regards,
Dawid Pacholczyk

On 31.12.2010 17:48, Ron Hall wrote:
Hello Eric,

I am new to Typo3. we took over hosting of a T3 site. Have it all up and going 
and now need to extend it out.
We need to add  Click pop-ups to some pages: hidden divs that become visible 
when a link on the page is clicked.
It will be for text.
I don't know about an extension offhand, but if your templating method is 
TemplaVoila just create an FCE for the purpose.

Ron Hall
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