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[TYPO3-english] Typo3 RTE configuration: class saved to the database, but will be removed in the frontend website


I've a simple problem with the RTE. I can use the sortedTable class, an the RTE saves it to the mysql. But typo3 doesn't show it on the frontend website.
( the html looks like this: <table class=""> ... )

i've added sortedTable to RTE.default.proc.allowedClasses and to RTE.default.classesTable
What else do i have to write, so that typo3 finally displays the class
in the frontend website?
Thanks in advance,
        Marco Weber

BTW: This is a part of my current RTE configuration:

## List all class selectors that are allowed on the way to the database
    RTE.default.proc.allowedClasses (
external-link, external-link-new-window, internal-link, internal-link-new-window, download, mail,
        align-left, align-center, align-right, align-justify,
        csc-frame-frame1, csc-frame-frame2,
        component-items, action-items,
        component-items-ordered, action-items-ordered,
        important, name-of-person, detail,
        indent, sortedTable
## List all class selectors that are allowed on the way to the database RTE.default.classesTable = sortedTable, csc-frame-frame1, csc-frame-frame2
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