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Re: [TYPO3-english] How to debug popup window for click-enlarge?

I found another interesting thing, that perhaps is preventing the double 
click on image to reach the server. In the status line in Internett explorer 
I normally has "Internet | Protected mode: on", while in the image window 
there is "Unknown zone | Protected mode: on".

It seems like something in the double click URL makes Internet Explorer 
confused and sets the zone to "Unknown" and does not send it to the server. 
But what is causing this behaviour?

Gunnar Jonsson

"Jörg Klein" <[email protected]> skrev i melding 
news:[email protected]
> Hi Gunnar,
> "Gunnar Jonsson" <[email protected]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
> news:[email protected]
>> This is really mysterious. I tried to set displayErrors in the install 
>> tool = 1, but no error messages appeared when I double clicked on an 
>> image.
> hmm, maybe you have disabled that in php.ini?
> (Or maybe there really is no error... But why at all do you then get back 
> nothing?)
>> I have also looked into the server log, but are no trace of any log item 
>> from the double-click of the image, to enlarge it. In some way it seems 
>> that the server are not getting the call from the double click of the 
>> image. Internet Explorer says that the server are not available.
> Have you tryed to reproduce/fix this in a local copy of the website 
> (meaning on your PC)?
> => Result?
> Most of the extensions you mention are standard-extensions (which I think 
> should not cause the problem).
> So suspicous are only the following:
>> Frontend Plugins
>>  Flash SlideShow slideshow 0.2.2
>> Miscellaneous
>>  Developer API api_macmade 0.4.7
> Deactivate them and try again (and clear caches in TYPO3 and in your 
> browser before).
> Jörg

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