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Re: [TYPO3-english] How to debug popup window for click-enlarge?

Hi Gunnar,

"Gunnar Jonsson" <[email protected]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
news:[email protected]
> This is really mysterious. I tried to set displayErrors in the install 
> tool = 1, but no error messages appeared when I double clicked on an 
> image.

hmm, maybe you have disabled that in php.ini?
(Or maybe there really is no error... But why at all do you then get back 

> I have also looked into the server log, but are no trace of any log item 
> from the double-click of the image, to enlarge it. In some way it seems 
> that the server are not getting the call from the double click of the 
> image. Internet Explorer says that the server are not available.

Have you tryed to reproduce/fix this in a local copy of the website (meaning 
on your PC)?
=> Result?

Most of the extensions you mention are standard-extensions (which I think 
should not cause the problem).
So suspicous are only the following:
> Frontend Plugins
>  Flash SlideShow slideshow 0.2.2

> Miscellaneous
>  Developer API api_macmade 0.4.7
Deactivate them and try again (and clear caches in TYPO3 and in your browser 


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