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Re: [TYPO3-english] DAM : Hide media folder and RTE Integration

Hi Carlos :-)

Carlos Sánchez García wrote:
> Hi all,
> My configuration : Typo 4.2.3 , DAM 1.1.1 & rtehtmlarea 1.1.7
> Have installed DAM and configured properly, thus reading DAM manual, it 
> suggests to hide media folder :
> "You can hide the Media Folder by setting a default user TSConfig. Thus,
> no user (not even admins) will be able anymore to edit the dam tables
> in the List...."
> but how? quite new with typo3 and totally newbie with TS.
> In order to ingegrate DAM with RTE manual says:
> In the configuration options of dam, enable the media tag and the htmlArea 
> RTE integration. [fine, no problem]
> In the configuration options of rtehtmlarea, disable the above mentioned 
> features [can't find those options in RTE extension config... the closest one 
> is:"Enable the DAM media browser[enableDAMBrowser]If
> set and if the DAM extension is installed, the DAM media browser will
> be used. DEPRECATED for DAM 1.1+. Use DAM EM setting instead."---No idea what 
> DAM EM is?--

'the above mentioned features': Ok, docs will be more precise here in the next 
release, but you had the right guess.
'DAM EM': The 'EM' is a common abbreviation for Extension Manager.

> Even though, RTE sees to integrate fine with DAM but when I want to add and 
> image text/w/media two images boxes comes up, the old one and the new DAM. 
> ¿How can i disable the old one?
> check this snapshot http://webshareimage.com/images/ykte4rohmhzglem6s3nx.png

Regarding text with image, do you have installed dam_ttcontent? Or another 
extension, because you have text/w/media?
I only know the solution for dam_ttcontent: Go to the Extension Manager, click 
on the title of dam_ttcontent. There, you will find an option to disable the 
old image field.

I hope that helps and wish you a happy new year,

kind regards, Uschi
> Thanks in advanced,
> Carlos.
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