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Re: [TYPO3-english] Template record - setup and constants field almost invisible

Allan Jacobsen pisze:
> Piotr Burda skrev:
>> Hi
>> Friend asked me for help, in his typo3 fields setup and constants in 
>> template records are almost invisibles.
>> take a look at image - link below:
>> http://www.typo3job.com/template_setup.gif
>> What is the way to bring it back to normal view?
> hi Piotr
> It look like he has installed pmktextarea, place the mouse on the bottom 
> right corner of the field, press the buttom and drag the textarea to the 
> desired size.

pmktextarea is not installed, drag works (on chrome and ff) but i don`t 
see the code in setup and constants :(

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