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Re: [TYPO3] direct mail plain text not working

Hi Dave,

dave typo wrote on 01.03.2007 10:37:
> I am using typo3 version 4.0.4 and direct mail 2.2.0.

good to know...

> the frontend newsletter page is html based, how would I display it as
> plain text? In other words, I have not seen plain text working in the
> frontend, mainly because I don't know how to view it. It probably
> doesn't though.

You already found the correct chapter in the documentation but probably it's
not straight forward enough. Maybe you can express it more precisely?

In order to configure the rendering f your newsletter pages in plain text,
include static template “Direct Mail Plain Text” on the TS Template
applicable to the pages. This static template contains a pre-defined
template for plain text content rendering and makes it accessible as page
type 99. You may thereafter configure the template to your needs in the
</cite> [1]

1) Install static template "Direct Mail Plain Text"
2) Append "&type=99" to the URL to take a look at the plain text version of
the newsletter page.

> I set my format parsing as &print=1, because I am using templavoila,
> but when it is &type=99, it doesn't work either.

Some problems using direct mail with templavoila were reported before.
Search the archives. [2]


[2] http://lists.netfielders.de
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