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Re: [TYPO3] Front end editing Log in

You can do fe editing after login eg. the way I wrote in previous 
message or by simply taking the /typo3... away from the address field.

And ofcourse you have to enable fe admin panel to the be user/group.

group TSconfig example

admPanel {
  enable.edit = 1
  module.edit.forceDisplayIcons = 1
  enable.preview = 1
  override.preview.showHiddenPages = 1
  override.preview.showHiddenRecords = 1
  module.preview = 1
  hide = 0

Bryan wrote:
> Rocky,
> may I ask how you setup your BE (backend) user to do front end editing. 
> I can't seem to get the function working on my side to make a user to 
> edit the frontend?
> Thanks Bryan
> Rocky Ou wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I want to some of my users get directed to frontend editing interface 
>> directly after they logged in from http://www.domain.com/typo3. No 
>> backend will show for them. Is this possible?
>> Thanks very much for your hint in advance!
>> Rocky
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