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Re: [TYPO3] MS SQL 2000...

Patrick Gaumond wrote:

> Daniel Smedegaard Buus wrote:
>> I've test driven TYPO3 on a local installation on my company laptop
>> (Windows XP, IIS6, MS SQL 2003 free version. This worked.
>> Now, I'm taking it to the actual development server which is running
>> Windows 2000 Server, IIS5 and MS SQL 2000. I've set up localconf.php and
>> modified t3lib/stddb/tables.sql as needed to get it up and running.
>> I connect allright, but when I try to COMPARE or IMPORT in the install
>> tool, I get "[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]COUNT field incorrect or
>> syntax error".
>> I'm *guessing* that this could be because the DBAL doesn't work with
>> MSSQL 2000, while it works with 2003? Can anyone confirm this before I
>> try to install 2003 on this server?
> My impression is that the Install tool is not "DBAL aware" at all. The
> install tool is somewhat outside of TYPO3 itself by design...
> I'm not writing with confidence but I think it's the reason.

I'm easily convinced :)

Right now I'm installing 2005 on the server to see if this will fix it. I
will report back, but not until tomorrow, I have to run - it's my
girlfriend and mine's anniversary :)

See ya!

> Patrick

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