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Re: [TYPO3] MS SQL 2000...

Daniel Smedegaard Buus wrote:
> I've test driven TYPO3 on a local installation on my company laptop (Windows
> XP, IIS6, MS SQL 2003 free version. This worked.
> Now, I'm taking it to the actual development server which is running Windows
> 2000 Server, IIS5 and MS SQL 2000. I've set up localconf.php and modified
> t3lib/stddb/tables.sql as needed to get it up and running.
> I connect allright, but when I try to COMPARE or IMPORT in the install tool,
> I get "[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]COUNT field incorrect or syntax
> error".
> I'm *guessing* that this could be because the DBAL doesn't work with MSSQL
> 2000, while it works with 2003? Can anyone confirm this before I try to
> install 2003 on this server?

My impression is that the Install tool is not "DBAL aware" at all. The 
install tool is somewhat outside of TYPO3 itself by design...

I'm not writing with confidence but I think it's the reason.

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