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[TYPO3] No .expAll for HMENU .Special = UserFunc - any workaround ? [commerce]

Hi there

I know the issue is already in a bugtracker  
( http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=4400 ), but there hasn't been any  
discussion on the subject.

I'm concerned with the Commerce category menu (lib.tx_commerce.navigation  
in static COMMERCE template), though I guess the problem may be more  
general (hence I'm writing it here): the HMENU of a type "special =  
UserFunc" doesn't allow expanding all it's submenus at a time by setting  
expAll = 1.

Ergo, making dynamic drop down menu is impossible with custom HMENU.

I'm looking into both suspected files:


but I'm not sure yet where the problem lays.

Does anybody know any workaround or the nature of the limitation?

thanks a lot
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