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Re: [TYPO3] typo3.eu ???? Where is the association?????

Olivier Dobberkau wrote:
> in Beitrag [email protected]
> schrieb R. van Twisk unter [email protected] am 29.10.2006 22:39 Uhr:
>> Is the association doing anything about it to make
>> sure it will not be used by anything else but typo3?
> Hello.
> .EU Domains can only be registered by european Companies / Entities / etc.
> As you all might know the Association is a Swiss Entity. So no .EU.
> Switzerland is in Europe, but not in the EU.
> I had spoken to Daniel H. about this during Sunrise Period of EU Domains
> early this year.
> There was a Domainrequest by Kasper him self, but Mr Gaylordcastle was
> faster.
> This Guy used a trademark registration in Malta to get the Domain and the
> Experts at PWC (In Bangalore I guess) decided by dice... :-)
> I think it is just a waste of time.
> Greetings.
> Olivier
Hi Olivier,

thanks for your clear answer in this. Now it makes sense for me!
I also agree it doesn't make sense anymore to get hold of the name now.

thanks again!


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