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[TYPO3] realurl and HTTPS/SSL

  • From: pieter.v at gmx.net (Pieter)
  • Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 12:40:45 +0100

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
> Hi!
> Pieter wrote:
>> I need some sort of conditional typoscript statement to fix this.  Is
>> there a variable available to make a conditional statement?
> Yes. Read TSRef.
> Dmitry.

Yes, there is indeed something in TSRef that should do the trick:
[globalString = IENV:TYPO3_SITE_URL=http://www.vivant.org/t3/]
config.baseURL = http://www.vivant.org/t3/
[globalString = IENV:TYPO3_SITE_URL=https://www.vivant.org/t3/]
config.baseURL = https://www.vivant.org/t3/

But it does not work :-(
When I try to access the page "http://www.vivant.org/t3/leden"; the 
switch to HTTPS is made but the result is a page 
"https://www.vivant.org/t3/leden"; with the Typo3 error:
"Error. Reason: File "leden" was not found!"

However, when I go to "https://www.vivant.org/t3/?id=45"; (the same page 
but with the number of the page) everything looks fine.  It is now even 
possible to go to this same page with "https://www.vivant.org/t3/leden/"; 
without an error now.  This makes me think the IENV:TYPO3_SITE_URL 
condition is working.
But it is not possible now to go to the (non HTTPS page) 
"http://www.vivant.org/t3/home";, this page now gives the error:
"Error. Reason: File "home" was not found!"

I have to go to "http://www.vivant.org/t3"; first and then the non-HTTPS 
pages are working again.

Help, what is happening here?