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[TYPO3] Call to undefined function session_start() in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/typo3/index.php on line 240

  • From: martin at hauntedhousecom.net (Martin S)
  • Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2006 20:34:54 +0100

Martin S wrote:

> 2006/1/1, Carsten Gehling <carsten.gehling at gmail.com>:
>> How did you install PHP? With Gentoo's package manager or through the
>> source-code?
> emerge dev-lang/php
> I belive. I found something on the forums mentioning that you need the USE
> flag "session" for PHP5 so I added it and will see how this works. Now I
> have to refind the tslib directory... I deleted my htdocs in frustration
> and now I can't find tslib (as a directory not link) in any of the
> archives I downloaded...)

Re-emerged php with the "session" USE-flag.
Used the zip file and dummy site (rather than tar.gz and dummy site).
Now I have a working Typo3 system on my laptop...

Martin S