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[TYPO3] Help with extension to tt_products

  • From: carsten.gehling at gmail.com (Carsten Gehling)
  • Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 16:36:36 +0100

I am trying to extend the new tt_products with two (for me) important features:

1) Cross-shopping (also called: Related products). When a user views a
product, a list of related products can be displayed on the same page.
The BE user selects for each products, which of the other products
should be related to and therefore shown on the product view page.
This function can also be used on the shopping cart page, where a sum
of all the products in the cart determines what related products are

2) Multiple categories. A product can be related to more than one category.
This is my first real extension (besides the tutorials). And I am in a
bit of a loss regarding a few issues.

For both features I think I want to make a separate table. One is a
n-m relation between the "source product" and the products that
relates to it. The other table is a n-m relation between products and
categories (as opposed to tt_products default 1-n relation implemented
with a foreign key).

But I do not want to make separate BE form pages for these two new
tables. Instead I just want to extend the BE form where the BE user
edits a product.

For feature 1) I want to show a list of all other products maybe as a
multiple select box.

For feature 2) I also want to show all categories in a multiple select box.
However for both features, I want to save the information (the
selected products and categories) in my own tables.

I am a bit at a loss, how to implement this. Any help would be appreciated.

Happy New Year!

- Carsten