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[Typo3] Indexed Search Backend Page Crawler

  • From: typo3 at openstream.ch (Nick Weisser)
  • Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 09:17:19 +0200

Hi there,

The latest Indexed Search Extension (2.1.3) that ships with Typo3 3.8.0 
has a configuration option called [disableFrontendIndexing]

"Disable Indexing in Frontend

By default pages are indexed during viewing of pages in the frontend. 
You can disable this features so indexing of pages is only initiated 
through the backend page crawler."

Does this only refer to the "Re-index element" button under 
Web->Info->Indexed Search or is there an (undocumented) way of having 
the complete contents of a Typo3 website automatically indexed?
Best regards
Nick Weisser

Openstream Internet Solutions