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[Typo3] Logging hits on multilingual pages

  • From: fsuter at cobweb.ch (Francois Suter)
  • Date: Tue Jul 12 01:22:18 2005

Hi all,

I have a multilingual web site with its own log files and static pages 
activated. This corresponds to the following TS Setup in my template:

config.stat = 1
config.stat_apache = 1
config.stat_apache_logfile = typo3.log
config.stat_titleLen = 30

config.simulateStaticDocuments = 1
config.simulateStaticDocuments_addTitle = 30

The simulated static pages work fine and display URLs like 
blabla.23.0.html or blabla.23.2.html depending on the language.

Now in the log file, there appears only page names blabla--23.html. Is 
there any way to take the language parameter into account? Could the 
simulated static URLs be logged rather than yet another URL?

Thanks for any advice

Fran?ois Suter
Directeur technique
Cobweb Development S?rl