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[Typo3] Typo3 at TIC21

  • From: gianluca at riscaio.com (Gianluca Riscaio)
  • Date: Tue Jul 12 01:22:18 2005

We present our portal developed by Typo3 to the conference TIC21 - The 
contribution of information and communication technologies to 
sustainable development in Valenciennes (France) on 3-4 february 2005.
I'll present a video talking about open-source and typo3.
We won a price in Italy about best site on Agenda 21 theme.

Text of video (part):
 From the graphic and structural viewpoint, the area Agenda 21s are 
presented in a substantially homogeneous manner that helps the user find 
his way around.
Content is published using a Content Management System that facilitates 
updating of texts, images and multimedia contents integrated into the 
site?s graphic layout.
The portal?s technological infrastructure is implemented by means of 
?Typo3? ? an open-source product developed by a prevalently European 
An open-source software is any information and communication management 
system that allows source code availability. Recourse to this technology 
is promoted by EU for the series of advantages it offers in terms of: 
cost containment, transparency and security, non-dependence on a single 
supplier and elevated reusability.


News on TIC21

Thanks to all community
Gianluca Riscaio