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[Typo3] Add News Workflow

  • From: xo3_delphi at freemail.hu (Bolla Sándor)
  • Date: Tue Jul 12 01:22:18 2005

I found the problem showing the video file No. 67. on typo3.org
Sorry taking your time

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Hi There,

I have some questions again, now about workflows:

Q1: If I want to make a new workflow by the "creating new record" function
in Web->List module and choose to make a "News" /belong to the table
section/ workflow (News ext. installed), which rights should the user who
have to make make the news? The question I ask for is because when I login
with the "newsmaker" user then I do not get the default news "template"
choosing the task /the task is there/ only a default page content /with
restrictions/, why this? I saw in a video on typo3.org that the making
"news" function by a task has a different apperance as mine one. Which
settings I missed to set, because I add rights to the user for the news
table and access to the site where to made it!

/I follow the book about Typo3 but lot's of information is missing there!/

Q2: If I install the "News" extension do I get an extra type of Workflow
too, or only mine one, I think when I create a new workflow record then it
will be shown in the make todos list? In the upper one question meaned video
contains it, but how it was made that what I missing?

Thanks forwardly for my newbie question but my possibilities are rare the
practise typo3 so I think I will have some more questions too.


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