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[Typo3] tca configuration of mm table?

  • From: vanweel at cistron.nl (Paul)
  • Date: Tue Jul 12 01:22:18 2005

I'm having the same problem right now.
A possible solution is to make a kind of a 'ghost-table' or something..  a 
table in MySQL which is a reference to your MM-table, with the local_uid and 
foreign_uid swiched.. dunno if it's possible with MySQL.
Another possible solution is to create triggers/rules in MySQL (supported by 
the new version of MySQL), and just to make another MM-table. When one of the 
tables is adjusted.. execute a few query's to update your other MM-table.

These are kinda rough solutions.. i'm still looking for a decent way to 
configure my TCA in such a way so that'll work properly vice-versa
any hints/solutions are welcome :)