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[Typo3] "expAll" doesn't

  • From: georg.rehfeld at gmx.de (Georg Rehfeld)
  • Date: Tue Jul 12 01:22:18 2005

Kraft Bernhard wrote:

> Try to leave away :
>> subparts.navcontainer.entryLevel = 0
> from each TMENU item.
> I saw this a quite a few times now and don't know where this behavour comes
> from. This isn't described in any manual ... AFAIK. It is the default 
> behavour
> of a TMENU that .1 shows the rootlevel, .2 the level below and so on...
> you don't need to set entry level...

The .entryLevel property _is_ definitely documented at (as of date of
this posting):


Besides (and really OFF TOPIC): how are you going on with your nice
(though alpha) "kb_contenttable" extension? I still think, your concept
of having a table, able to hold other content elements, is an excellent
concept, even in an 'all CSS' environment.

There _are_ places, where the data to present has tabular character, or
where current browser implementations AND CSS1 don't allow for the
intended output (e.g. several floating DIVs with wide content etc.)

I like your concept of having standard content elements in your table
instead of invoking the RTE directly. This concept could nicely
integrate with TemplaVoila and FlexForms. Especially I would love to
be able to link content elements from some other page into a table
cell, as with TemplaVoila (or is it FlexForms?)!

friendly waiting for progress

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