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[TYPO3-dev] cHash Problem of a beginner

I'm new into TYPO3. I have already build a first plugin but now I'm stuck. I 
believe it is only a basic understanding problem or I missed something.

I have a list of elements and want to implement a filter in the frontend:

<f:form action="list" name="my_ext" object="{kkbaybwFilter}">
   <f:form.select options="{filtervalues}" property="filtervalue" optionLabelField="name" 
multiple="0" class="form-control"/>

It works fine but it is cached so if I change the filter to a different value I 
will get the cached version.

I use POST method. If my research is correct it shouldn't be cached, right?

If I'm wrong I have to tell chash to know my filter, right? How do I do this?

I googled a lot but nothing worked so far. Most documents on this are for very 
old TYPO3 versions and I'm workin on version 8.

Thanks in advance.
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