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Re: [TYPO3-dev] Persisted Model values are not saved anywhere

Hi Dirk,

when you, as you stated before, included your TypoScript Template, the Constant Editor gives you a possibility to edit this setting.
Open the Template Module on the page, that holds your main TypoScript
Template. Usually this is the root page. In the bigger part of the
screen you can find a drop down box in the upper left corner. Choose
Constansts Editor from it, the page will reload.
Now choose from the drop down bow below your template. It is named after
your extension.
After the new page reload is done, it will present you with editing
fields for the view (this is, where to find your template files) and the
Default Storage PID. This is what you look for. If not done already,
create a sysfolder in your page tree, that will contain your records.
Insert the uid of this folder into this Default Storage PID field, save.
Thats it.
The TypoScript causing the constant editor to show you this, is <your ext>/Configuration/TypoScripts/constants.ts. Have a look. Look also into <your ext>/Configuration/TypoScripts/setup.ts. It uses your constants. What happens when you edit TypoScript, can easily be seen in the TypoScript Object Browser on each page, when you choose it in the template module from the upper left Dropdown.
Hope this helps?

On 02.07.2014 08:18, Dirk Ho wrote:
Hi all,

I created (my first) a new extension and wanted to save a dummy Model
object. But after I added it to the repository and then I persisteAll,
nothing is saved. I guess, I have to tell the extension where to save
it, don't I?

How can I do that? I was mentioned that the Extension Builder would
create a TypoScript for that, but I couldn't find it.

Thanks and best wishes,

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