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Re: [TYPO3-dev] Scheme enforcement in 4.5.x

Am 07.12.2011 01:07, schrieb Michael Stucki:
I've had a look at your approach. I think what you want to do is this:
- Force URLs to be protocol-neutral
What do you mean by protocol-neutral? Relative links?

However, IMHO this makes little sense practically. You seem willing to
define how all URLs (not only some) are requested (HTTP vs. HTTPS),
therefore I don't understand why URLs should still be protocol-neutral
by default.
Im not sure you did understand the problem correctly.

Currently its not possible to have SOME pages with https. Why? Ones a user is using https (forced by url_scheme on a specific page) there is no way to go back to http without changing the URL manually. Why? Because we need to change the baseUrl of the typoLink calling page to ensure a valid https connection for all resources (not only html but js, css, pictures, ...).
So IMHO the current implementation of url_scheme is totally useless, as
practically you could use https for ALL pages or for NONE (which would
be done by baseUrl, no need of url_scheme field).
If I am wrong I would love to hear how to use url_scheme in a proper way.

So what I suggest is similar to Jigals suggestion:
If a default scheme is defined (using the new Typoscript setting) then
we automatically enforce all links to be absolute (similar to
forceAbsoluteUrl=1 in Typolink).
Enforcing absoulte urls is what I do in my fix. But not for all links by default, only if needed.
By the way, the discussion earlier in the thread was about a TS setting
which could be used to force the scheme anywhere in the pagetree. My
basic approach is the same but it would need an additional rendering of
the actual TS of each linked page. Would be a great feature!
Felix Nagel
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