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Re: [TYPO3-dev] Scheme enforcement in 4.5.x

Hi Jigal,

>> I would agree to at least add a new setting (typoscript?) that specifies
>> what "default" means:
>> - default (or not present) for backwards compatibility: leave protocol
>> alone
>> - "http": enforce http if nothing else is specified
>> - "https": enforce https, if nothing else is specified
> What is missing is a Typoscript setting for the protocol. If you need to
> set an entire (sub)tree to https (or http) you need to set the setting
> in each and every page.
> A simple Typoscript setting config.forceProtocol (also available through
> page.config.forceProtocol) would be enough to set it for a (sub)tree.

I agree but would propose a better speaking name for the property:
config.forceAbsoluteUrlScheme (similar to the naming in

> Maybe we need four values in the page properties for maximum flexibility:
> - <none> : use Typoscript setting (as usual with settings)
> - http : overwrite Typoscript for this page with 'http'
> - https : overwrite Typoscript for this page with 'https'
> - ignore / keep / any : ignore Typoscript setting and use the protocol
> in the current request

IMHO these 3 values are sufficient:

- none/default: use relative URL scheme unless explicitely defined
- http: Force default URL scheme to be "http" unless expl. defined
- https: similar but force to "https"

(I'm not really asking for a feedback here, but I just wanted to give
some more input for Felix since he started working on a patch for this...)

Greetings, Michael
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