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Re: [TYPO3-dev] TYPO3 4.x html templating good practice question

Thank you nicole, definitely your suggestion helps: don't know why I
didn't think of extending TS of E1 by myself. I come from others dev
environments and often forget the power of TS :-)


> I would add additional typoscript parameter to E1's config which you can
> access by your extension. Either you can have your additional html template
> assigned here or just have a few stdWrap definitions.
> Hope this helps a bit.
> Cheers,
> Nicole

Il 27/06/2011 10.50, Ivano Luberti ha scritto:
> Hello all, I have a question about good practice in using the HTML
> template inside an extension.
> I'm developing an extension (myExt) that extends another extension E1
> that has an own template used to display content by one of its plugins.
> I have to add to that content some custom content.
> I can use a hook in this extension that provides an instance of the
> whole plugin and therefore I can access the template used by E1 and
> modify the content.
> However the content to be displayed by myExt would require its own template.
> I wonder which is the best practice in this situation:
> 1) modify E1 template, extending the original provided by E1, configure
> E1 to use it and then use my custom markers in myExt
> 2) providing a separate template and integrate the content generated
> from it into the E1 template
> If 2) is the best option, how can I load the template in myExt: when you
> develop a plugin you have the main method with the conf parameter
> already populated.
> But in this case?

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