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Re: [TYPO3-dev] The extbase dilemma

Am 18.05.11 12:37, schrieb Olivier Dobberkau:
I would suggest that we aim for a workshop at T3DD with the devs of
extbase and flow3.

I am sure we can create a possitive momentum with your critisism and
change for the good!
I like this idea.
But we need to change a LOT in the minds of the developers.
We got exactly the same problems with the latest FAL sprints.

Too much theory, too much "but if you want X or Y you could..." stuff, too much concepts from compiled languages that PHP is not and (sorry to say) no interest in performance or scalability.
Maybe we need a thinktank on how to make developers aware that
performance and scalability counts.
Praying for ages, noone cares :)

Still... if you plan a thinktank or workshop... count me in :)


Ernesto, Nov. 9th 2010:
"In the graphics generation routines of TYPO3 *anything* could cause a
side effect."
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