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[TYPO3-dev] #09292 / #08512: Add Hook to getImgResource / cImage

Hi Devs,

there are 2 entries in bugtracker, that deal with hooks for image-creation:

   0009292: Integrate hook at the end of tslib_cObj::getImgResource

   0008512: New Hook in function cImage function

Isn't #9292 (hook in getImgResource ) more felxible than #8512 ?

I mean #9292 covers cObj->cImage() AND cObj->IMG_RESOURCE(), because
both use getImgResource ().
To achive the same with #8512, you have to use this hook PLUS a hook
to rewire IMG_RESOURCE() - right ?

Because I really need one of these two hooks, I would like to
have one of them in 4.3 - best for me: #9292 (I tested this
and use this already with a 'rounded-corners'-extension).

What do you think - any opinions ?
#9292 isn't yet in core-list - should I add a RFC for #9292 ?

    Stefan Geith
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