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Re: [TYPO3-dev] [TYPO3-core] RFC #11606: [Feature]: Add a RANDOM cObject

On Aug 2, 2009, at 1:51 PM, Dmitry Dulepov wrote:

> Hi!
> Mathias Schreiber [wmdb >] wrote:
>> Dmitry Dulepov schrieb:
>>> Either do it well, or do not do it at all.
>> Could we make this statement oficial in some way? :)
> I am not sure about official. What I want to say is that we should  
> get only the best code to the core. Recently TYPO3 core quality  
> degraded severely. 4.2.0 was the last version, which was more or  
> less acceptable in terms of quality. Now clients ask me NOT to  
> upgrade TYPO3 anymore because they hate to fight more and more  
> problems in newer TYPO3 versions. Therefore, if I were in the core  
> team management (but I am not!), I would enforce very strict rules  
> for any code committed to the core. Better less but with higher  
> quality. Otherwise TYPO3 will drop to phpBB level at some day. I do  
> not want this to happen.
> Regarding RANDOM object, I estimate that it will take approximately  
> extra 15 lines of code to make it well. "Well" means:
> - it is truly random for all times, even when cached
> - it does not force users to write absolutely unnecessary COA_INTs  
> to make the object behave properly (=show random element)
> - it is faster than the COA_INT version
> So, what would you choose of the following two:
> - true random RANDOM object, which is automatically non–cached
> - RANDOM object, which is not random by default and forces users to  
> use COA_INT to make it truly random (=work properly)
> My choice is #1 because I always use that principle: "Do it well or  
> do not do it at all". If you create a RANDOM object, do it properly!

 From TYPO3's perspective I would think it's option 2 (RANDOM object,  
which is not random.....) because this follows TYPO3's TS principles  
much better.
For example, a CONTENT object might show 5 records from 'cache' while  
already a 6th has been added in the DB but due to page
caching not shown yet.
If you look at the RANDOM object it is random at the time of  
generation, same as the CONTENT object, it returns records at the time  
of generation.
Then it's up to the user to decide what the update frequency would be.  
There are other objects that can generate temporal  data (time/date)  
that will also show
data at time of generation rather then time of page output.

As from I understand is that the RANDOM object behaves differently in  
#1 from other objects, this might be unexpected behavior to the TYPO3  
integrator and might zause
additional problems later on.

So, IMHO #2 is the better choice for TYPO3


> TYPO3 quality sucks these days. I do not want it to become even worse.

Friendly words???

                        regards, Ries van Twisk

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