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Re: [TYPO3-dev] Problem with changing query according to post-parameter


> 1. I run the first time my controller action:
> The list with results appears.
> 2. I type something in my form and send it. 
> the params are stored in the $POST and they are accessible.ok.
> now there is no further list with results.
> When I set an exchangeArray in my controller_action this way:
> $view->exchangeArray($this->parameters);
> I get this Fatal error: Call to a member function printAsText() on
>> a non-object ... /template.php in line 9.
> Without, simply there is no result list (no content object in the html)!
> Do you have any other suggestions?

where are you list/result objects stored? Assuming they are in the 
object array $this->results try the following and drop the 
exchangeArray: $view->render($this->results);

kind regards,
Franz Koch

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