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Re: [TYPO3-dev] RTE in current trunk

Hi Dmitry,
> Steffen Kamper wrote:
>> i don't know why, but suddenly the error disappeared and all work again
>> as it should. Browser cache couldn't be involved as i use setting 0KB
>> for cache and clear very often by reload with Strg+F5.
>> Dmitry, what happen on your side?
> Same problem, tt_news record. tt_news is latest, Camino installed 3 days ago. 
> The same problem is in 4.2.6 with Camino.
> As I said it could be a problem of older Gecko. I'll get Camino 3 beta and 
> check with it.

I think the RTE should work with very old versions of Gecko. So it must 
be something else. Do you get any error on the JavaScript console?

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