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[TYPO3-dev] [TYPO3-t3dd] Reminder Call-for-papers T3DD09

Hello everybody,

this is a reminder. Some week sago I started the call-for-papers for the 
TYPO3 Developer Days 2009. Until today only a few papers arrived my 
inbox and that is the reason for me to contact you once again.

If you have registered yourself for the conference and if you have an 
interesting topic at hand, please take into consideration to speak about 
it at the T3DD09 and share your knowledge with others.

Here is the original mail from January:


If you want to hold a talk at the Developer Days 2009, please send me an 
email with the topic and a short description (2 or 3 sentences) to

If everything works out like last year, we will be able to accept all 
papers but we will not give any kind of guaranty of course.

The topics don't have to be 100% TYPO3 related but should be somehow 
interesting for TYPO3/FLOW3 Developers. :-)

The end of the call for papers is March 31st 2009. 


There is only one month for sending in your papers. Once again: Please 
share your knowledge with others.

Best regards,
Thomas - T3DD09 Organizationteam
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