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Re: [TYPO3-dev] Copy records


Francois Suter schrieb:
> Hi,
>> yes, and i'm willing to invest time here, which is the reason i ask 
>> here before. Having some discussion, ideas and statements before help 
>> to get this solved.
> Indeed I think this requires a bit of thinking before action.
exactly. I want to get the picture of complexity before writing any code.

>> So i'm interested in your opinion, also with versioning records how to 
>> handle that.
> Versioning is what worries me most. Now the more we can just rely on 
> TCEmain, the easier it will be to solve, as we can hope versioning will 
> be handled transparently.

I'm not sure. Versioned records are not affected as long they are not 
The only problem i see is if a page will be moved/deleted, as a page is 
a container for records, so in this case the versioned records are affected.

> My idea was the following: when a record is moves, copied or deleted 
> (and I guess we should care about undelete too, now that the recycler is 
> close to getting into the core), we should fetch all the translations of 
> that record (that are in the same workspace) and simply add those 
> records to the list of records that are affected by the action (so it's 
> a kind of pre-processing, before TCEmain really kicks in).

all logic should be done inside tcemain. This is the core of everything 
(naming says everything: Typo3 Core Engne)

> For copy we additionally need to make sure that the copies of the 
> translations will properly relate to the copy of the original.
> What problems would you foresee?

the above mentioned "container" problem.

vg Steffen
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