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Re: [TYPO3-dev] Small shop - forgot to add manual sorting

Steffen Ritter skrev:
> And if you don't wanna use the kickstarter to alter your extension (so 
> you will learn further t3 related stuff) just edit 2 files:
> ext_tables.sql
> add the following line to the table you want to sort the table you want:
>     sorting int(10) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
> kickstarter produces this line alway after cruser.
> Then go to the ext_tables.php and replace! the line about 
> 'DEFAULT_sorting' => 'somethin',
> with
> 'sortby' => 'sorting',   
> So far
> Steffen
> Simon Justesen schrieb:
>> I have made a small shop which I developed with the aid of the 
>> extension    kickstarter. Unfortunately I forgot to add manual sorting 
>> so one can rearrange products inside Typo3. What is the best way to 
>> apply this afterwards?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Simon

Excellent, thanks :)

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